Mystery Murder Party

Murder Mystery -14yr- Restaurant goes Dark




Mystery Party


Lydi in Auckland, NZ


January 2007



For my 14th birthday party, I would like to have a murder mystery party. 

Invites:  Mum and I found a ready made free downloadable murder mystery package on the internet that came with invites so I will probably use those. On them I will put the date, time etc. and since the murder is an opening for a new product set in a resturant I will put that on it.  

For the resturant, we are going to clean out our carport and put up fairy lights and tables etc. my parents are going to pretend to be the waiters! There will be two tables. One will be for the food and the other will be for us to sit around. 

Food: Because it is a resturant, I'm going to have quite fancy food. Sparkling grape juice will do as wine, though we'll probably have a bit of champagne or something for a toast. A buffet resturant would be good as then your guests can go up and choose their own food which makes it seem more resturanty, but if your parents were up to it they could write up a menu and prepare what everyone wants! Put some nice music in the background. Classical is good for this setting. 

The Day: I am inviting 6 people. The first three are friends from my old school who I havn't seen for ages so my dad will drive us 4 somewhere nice for lunch. Then, when we get back home, my other friends will arrive. First we'll do random stuff like swimming in our pool and watching movies till about 3ish. Then we'll have cake for afternoon tea. This is where the fun begins!  First we will all go to my room to get dressed up for the opening at the 'resturant' I think this will be fun because we'll get to go overboard with makeup, pearls, hair  etc. I'll ask everyone to bring posh clothes.  

Then we'll play wink murder. Everyone sits in a circle, the detective stands in the middle and the murderer (who is also in the circle) winks at people without the detective noticing. The person dies loudly and this goes on til everyone's dead or the detective figures out who the murderer is. They get three guesses.   Then, at dinner, we'll all go out to the 'resturant' to have dinner. Then, as everyone has finished (don't forget dessert!) we'll all raise our glasses in a toast and that is somebody's cue in the script we will follow to die.

Then we play the game and try and figure out who the murderer is.  After that, it'll probably be dark. We'll go back inside and play another murder game I've heard of. First we each draw a slip of paper out from a hat. It'll either say murderer, detective or victim. Nobody may show anyone what they got. But everyone must know who the detective is of the murderer may kill him by accident! Then we turn off all the lights so it's pitch black and  we each go into our assigned rooms. Then, when an alarm goes, we all try and make our way in the dark, to safety which can be another room in the house etc. on the way, the murderer has to try and kill one victim.

That person screams and everyone has to quickly try and find where the scream came from. The lights stay off until everyone finds the body. The detective has 15min to interview everyone to try and findout who the murderer is. Everyone must tell the truth apart from the murderer. After this the lights go out, everyone goes back to their rooms until everyone's dead or the detective finds out who the murderer is.   Then my friends and I will go to bed and in the morning my dad will drive them back home.  Gift bags:  havn't thought about this yet, but could be anything relating to the night.  Have fun :)

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