Mystery Murder Party

1920's Murder Mystery -14yr- Mystery Hotel




Mystery Party


Hannah in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada


February 2010


Honorable Mention

Invitation: First, I had a large envelope, and in that I put the invitation. I used black and white scrapbooking paper for the invitations. The envelope contained, an invitation with imformation about where I live, date, and the theme of the party, which was 1920's murder mystery. The envelope also had a few papers with the guest's character that the get to be at the party. I made up about 14 characters before hand, and wrote their, personality, job, friends, past and secrets. I aslo gave ideas of what they should wear to the party. With that, I gave a list of all the characters to each guest as well.

The last thing in the envelope, was an invitation to my character's birthday party. I sealed the envelope with red wax and stamped the first letter of their last name. And I wrote their name in ink on the front of it. I past my invitations out three weeks in advance, so the guests could find a costume and read over their character. All my friends really like to act, so this was very exciting and fun for them. It was like being in a play. Even though there was no script, they got to make it up and act just like there character I wrote for them. 

Decorations: I made it clear on the invitations, that we would be having a turkey dinner, at some point at the party. So, I set up two long tables in my dinning room. I put white table clothes, and had candles on the tables. On the shelves, right by the tables, I put old tea cups and wine glasses on them.

I had to transform my living room into a 1920's hotel lobby. Because on the invitation for my character's birthday, I said it was at a hotel. Anyways, I moved my couches around, and put a long, high, white table close to the front door. I made it look like a spot to check-in. I also had a guest book, for everyone to sign. And I had white christmas lights everywhere too. 

Activities: There was basicly only one activity going on, that was throughout the whole party. The way this murder mystery party went, was everybody pretended to be their character. They all had secrets and could reveal them to whoever they wanted to at the party.

After we were finished eating, my mom, took on of my guests aside, and told them they are the one who gets murdered. They pretend to die, and the rest of the guests have to try to figure out who is the murderer. (Note: Even the murderer didn’t know that they were the murderer.) The person that died" still got to help figure out who murdered them so they could still participate. So for the rest of the party everybody shared secrets and tried to figure out who was the murderer.

At the end of the party everybody got one guess of who they think the murderer is. There was three people that guessed right and we gave them gift cards. 

Games: The game was pretty much the whole party.

Costumes: Depending on the guest's character they wore what their character would where. For example one girl was a flapper so she had a short sparkly silver dress. Another was a lawyer so he had a suit and briefcase. But mostly everyone was dressed in styles from the 1920's. 

Party snacks: As I mentioned before we had a turkey dinner with potatoes vegetables gravy stuffing ect.

For desert we had chocolate cake ice cream and hot chocolate with whip cream. We aslo put grape juice in wine bottles because we were only 13 and 14 at the time. 

Cake: We actually had my favorite cake chocolate and piled a few on top of each other. Because they were just small. 

Favors: At the end of the night everybody got this little fake glass dimondes that my grandmother found at a craft store. Everybody loved them and most of my friends still have them.  My friends still talk about my 14th birthday party and how much fun it was to act and dress up.   "

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