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Mystery Party


Clarisse in NY USA


November 2005



THE PARTY: For my fourteenth birthday party, i've decided to make it a murder mystery party.  My parents have already ordered the muder mystery supplies and stuff from    It should be coming in a few days.  I've read testimonials from their site and the set of materials they send you are supposedly worth the money. 

I chose 'The Plastics' for my murder mystery and the plot is as follows: You are attending an audtion for a role in the sequal to the hit movie, 'Mean Girls' called, 'The Plastics'.  The auditions will be held at Lacey Lohan (Lindsay Lohan)'s posh mansion located in the hills of hollywood. 

Her home is beautifully decorated and envied by everyone.. (blah blah other stuff about the scene). A scream rang out.  Lacey Lohan was found dead in the middle of her ransacked bedroom and prounounced dead from a gun shot wound.  My guests and will have to try and figure out the mystery as real life celebrities, such as Hilary Duffer, Britney Spirit and Paris Hilstone.  It seems to me that this game wil be really fun :). 

INVITATIONS: I've been practicing with graphic arts and downloaded fonts and stuff like that for years now and I've gotten pretty good at it.  I decided to make my invitations using Photoshop, on the cover is a picture of the original mean girls in their christmas talent show costumes, and I have 'The Plastics' in a collage type font.  Then under it is a 'personal note' from Lacey Lohan (another downloaded font): auditions at my house in the hills next Friday & there's a surprise On the inside the top part of the card says A MURDER (in reference to the surprise), the brief plot of the game and the information about the party.. Date, time, place etc.

FOOD: I'm thinking of making a menu with party foods that most teenagers would eat such as spinach dips, three layer salsa dips, chips.. Pretty much the basic party good but a little more upscale, and send the menu along with the invitations.  Each guest will be responsible for bringing a dish wether it be an appetizer or a dessert.  The party is set in a "mingle" sort of murder mystery so I guess those foods would be appropriate. I'll have to read the site's suggestions for food.

The main course will be pizza and we'll have the snacks a dishes that the guests bring before  the pizza and after. 

Drinks would probably be Shirley Temples, alchol free of course, made of Sprite and grandine(that red stuff).  It's a simple drink but it looks very "posh" to me.

GIVEAWAYS: I'll probably get some candy from my local candy store such as cute flower lolipops and candy canes since my birthday is in December.  I'm also giving the guests notebooks/clipboards(I haven't decided yet) with the logo of my invitations on the cover as a suveniour. Those will be used to take notes with during the party. 

So that's what I've come up with over the last two days of Thanksgiving vacations :) I hope these ideas might help you plan your murder mystery part..

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