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Murder Mystery -14yr- Who Dunnit




Mystery Party


Krista in Twin Cities, MN, USA


April 2005


Honorable Mention

I recently had my murder mystery birthday party for my 14th birthday party.

The invitations were magnifying glass shaped  with all of the info inside and there were cards inside that either said: "murderer", "decoy", or "victim" (only 1 murderer and only 1 decoy, the remaining guests were victims) I instructed them to not tell a single soul what their card said. (Those cards are for a game which I will explain later.) When the girls got to the party the put their cards in a box, so they can't show anyone, and they drank "blood"(fruit punch), and ate "bones" (grahm crackers in the shape of bones) and "eyeballs" (peeled grapes) until everyone got there.

Once everyone arrived, the games began. First we played a game called "Who-dunnit". Should have at least 8 people to make the game fun. There's a murderer, a detective, and all of the rest are victims(this isn't the game with the cards). For the first round the detective picks someone to stand in the middle. The detective hides their face in the corner and the victims sit in a circle with their eyes closed. The chosen person taps someone on the shoulder to be the murderer. Then the chosen person sits in the circle and tells the detective to come out. The detective stands in the middle trying to figure out who the murderer is. The murderer, meanwhile, "kills" people by sticking out their tounge at people. The victims make a very dramatic "death" and this goes on until the detective figures out who it is. once its been figured out the murderer is the new detective and the old detective picks out a new murderer. After we were done with that I had my mom order pizza for us.

Then we played a game called "You know who-dunnit". This game requires a piece of paper and a writing utensil for each player. You also need a slip of paper with each childs name on it. Distribute the slips of paper with the names on them to each child.(make sure no one has their own name) Next hand out the paper and writing utensils to each child. Have the children write about the person that they got. They can write whatever they want but they can't give out obvious clues like what the person is wearing or their last names. Then I had my mom and older sister collect the papers and read out the descriptions. The guests had to guess who the person is that is being described.

After that we ate pizza and we had cake/ice cream. My cake was a sillouette of sherlock holmes and the ice cream was chocolate swirl. After we were done eating, we played some music and played freeze dance with a murderous swirl. The DJ was the "murderer". The music starts and everyone dances, then the "murderer" shouts "BANG" and stops the music. Whoever is caught moving is pronounced "dead" and they are out of that round. After that we played another game, which is like clue, only different.

Remember the cards I was talking about in the beginning? Here is where they are needed. Everyone sits in the living room and three people leave the room, the murderer, the decoy, and a victim. The lights go off and all of the victims hide (even the victim and the decoy who left the room).  The murderer goes around looking for them while the decoy pretends to "kill" people.

Once the murderer finds someone he/she takes the victim into the living room and "kills" them in there. The victim makes a big scene about "dieing" and then the lights go on and everyone comes into the living room. Everyone sits in a circle around the "dead" victim. The "chosen one" (any adult or older sibling, in this case my mom) picks a victim to be the detective. The new detective asks everyone what they were doing at the time of the murder, and everyone responds by saying,"You know, I really don't remember…" or "I was in a place…at that time."

The murderer should respond in the second manner along with a few victims, just to mix it up. The detective eliminates people until only the murderer is left. If the detective eliminates the murderer, then the game is over and they have to start over. The goody bags were filled with a small bag of candy, a little teddy bear in a sherlock holmes outfit, and a mini-magnifying glass. My pary was a total hit and it totally rocked!!! Hope everyone like my game ideas…

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