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Masquarade Party -16yr- Phatom of the Opera Music




Masquerade Party


Toni in Orlando, Florida


January 2006


Honorable Mention

Masquarde - "Unmask the Night"  
Colors: Sapphire Blue, Silver and Black  

My daughter is turning 16 in January, 2006.  We will be holding an semi-formal event that caters to both her friends, family and family friends. Appoximately 45 - 50 people.  This is a great theme for the girls to wear their old prom and homecoming dresses if they choose.   

The invitations were black dye cut masks with a silver feather attached.  The information was written in silver paint pen on the back.  It is being held at a local condominium club house and rented for a nominal fee.   We are catering the food ourselves using chafing dishes both purchased and borrowed, white glass buffet plates (.99 cents each), sapphire blue glasses (purchased for .50 cents each) blue and black paper napkins and silver plastic utensils. 

The dinner will be buffet style: (assorted appetizers will be served before dinner while the guests are arriving) mixed salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, roast beef and lemon chicken pasta.   Of course, cake for dessert.  

Also, I will be having a chocolate foutain station, which can be found just about anywhere these days for about $50,(serve marshmellows, bananas, strawberries - using small bamboo skewers, pretzels and cookies along with sprinkles and chopped nuts for dipping) 

For beverages:  a blue punch made with gingerale and a non-alcoholic blue raspberry margarita mix (Bed, Bath & Beyond), tea, sodas and water.  DJ and lighting affects (fog machine, derby star, disco ball and pin lights)for entertainment.  The limbo rocks with teens, as well as the new line dances.   Even adults can get into the act. 

For gift favors:  Chocolate "mask" lollipops (molds purchased at a speciality store for $1.99) 

Centerpieces:  Clear glass cylinder vases filled with blue colored water with floating tea light candle.   Black plastic mask decorated with black & blue feathers, silver glitter beads, which are strapped onto the vase using the rubberband.  The candle will be lit and will shine through the eyes of the mask. 

Other frosted votive holders with candles will be placed along the trestle tables.  Table cloths are fabrics that were Halloween costume fabrics purchased at clearance prices (royal blue and black polished polyester fabrics and a black stretch fabric with mirror-like diamond shapes for the runners) cute to size to fit the tables using pinking shears. 

My daughter will make her "grand" entrance after the guests have arrived.  She is wearing a black ball gown with silver transulent beading (purchased for $30 at a clearance), rhinestone tierra and silver "Sweet 16" sash.  There will be a father/daughter waltz to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. 

A unique jar/vase filled with gold chocolate coins with serve as a prize to whomever can guess how many are in the jar.  Her birthday cake will be two-tiered, white buttercream with royal blue and silver decorations including a white/siler feathered mask, blue foil spray, silver glitter stars on sticks and a numbered "16" sparkler.  

This will be set on a cake table under a metal arbor decorated with blue tulle and white Christmas lights, small blue, black and silver balloons.  Lighting colums have been made using two circular plywood shapes for top and bottom.   A PVC pole is secured between them and blue mini Christmas lights are wrapped around the pole.   White muslin is velcroed to the outside to both the top and bottom creating a column affect.  Simple, inexpensive, yet stunning! 

For a personal touch, "place mats" were created on specialty stationary and facts about my daughter's childhood, and highlights and facts about the year that she was born were printed out and will be placed at each place setting.   Also, at the entrance, a table of portraits of her as a baby, small child, with her friends and family for recreating those special memories.  Planning and purchasing for this event started at least 3 months in advance in order to take advantage of after season clearance sales!

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