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Paradise Party -13yr- Find the Tiki Cup Game




Tropical Luau Party


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA


January 2005


Honorable Mention

PARADISE PARTY IN DECEMBER 13 YEARS OLD:  For my 13th birthday party, I decided to have a Paradise Party!  Since you can't go to the beach in December, I decided to have it indoors. 

INVITATIONS:  I made a postcard with pictures of Hawaii, the Bahamas, etc. glued like a collage on the front.  On the back, it said..."Dear GUEST NAME HERE, ALOHA!  I'm having a great time in paradise!  In fact, I'm having so much fun, I want you to come to paradise to celebrate my AGE birthday!  Please come to ADDRESS on DATE at TIME until the next day at TIME.  To RSVP, call PHONE NUMBER by DATE.  Signed, YOUR NAME HERE."  That was the message part of the postcard.  The other side had my friend's address, a fake address from paradise, and I drew a stamp that had a coconut in it.  I put the postcards into an envelope and I mailed them. 

DECORATIONS:  This is the part of the party that really makes it a Paradise Party.  I bought all the decorations from OTC (Oriental Trading Company).  I got TIGER LILY LEIS because I thought they were so much prettier and more feminine.  Those cost $10 for 12.  I also got a LETS LUAU BANNER for $3.  I also purchased a TISSUE PALM TREE LARGE for $4.  Finally, I got 2 TROPICAL FISH HANGING MOBILES for $4.  The place really looked like Paradise 

FOOD:  We had pizza, a cake that had flowers on it to look like leis, donuts in the morning, and on the snack bar, we had fruit kabobs, soda, cookies, and chips. 

THE PARTY:  As the guests came, we handed out the TIGER LILY LEIS.  Before we could have pizza, we had to find the Tikis.  The tikis were really cups, but we didn't tell them that.  We bought tikis and hid them around the room.  The guests had to find 1 for themselves.  Whoever found theirs first, got to get their drink first.  The girls were so surprised to find out they were cups!  We got the Tiki cups from OTC for $16.  We used the extra tikis to hold their goody bags. 

Then, we ate pizza.  After that, we all went to one corner of the room where I had took a white bed sheet and painted the background to look like the ocean and the beach.  We gave the girls grass skirts made out of green trash bags for them to keep.  We also had them take turns wearing big glasses.  We took a picture of each of them by themselves sitting next to a big beach ball.  Then, we took funny pictures of them with a friend, with the whole group, etc.  After that, we went and got the pictures developed.  One hour and doubles. 

Next, we played Limbo while listening to music by the Beach Boys.  Whoever won got the big glasses we used for the pictures. 

Next, we opened presents and ate cake.  After that, I handed out neon fabric paint and plain white t-shirts for the girls to decorate like Hawaiian shirts.  They looked fantastic.  We put them on the table to dry.  Now, the pictures were back and we made scrapbooks.  I had purchased the SUNSHINE GETAWAY craft kit from OTC, along with other beach themed scrapbooking items from ACMOORE.  We used the pictures and stickers, and the scrapbook pages turned out wonderful. 

The last game was called HULA JUMBLE.  We had a big piece of posterboard that showed a hula girl doing different moves.  Each girl had to pick a piece of paper from a hat.  The piece of paper showed a name of one of the moves.  You had to match up the name with the correct move.  For each person who got it right, they got 'Hawaiian Money', which was really just chocolate coins.  Then, we settled down and watched the movie.  We watched Lilo & Stitch.  In the morning, we ate breakfast and gave out goody bags. 

GOODY BAGS:  For goody bags, we put the 'goodies' in the extra Tiki cups.  Inside, we put TROPICAL FISH STATIONERY SET from OTC and FLIP FLOP SANDAL NOTEPADS from OTC.  We put those in the cups and put the cups in HIBISCUS DRAWSTRING TOTE BAGS.  I HOPE ALL OF MY IDEAS HELPED YOU.  HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  ALOHA!

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