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Tropical Luau Party


Terri in Longmont, CO USA


July 2004


Honorable Mention

My daughter was going to celebrate her 15th birthday.  She didn't want to have all the typical games we had done in the past so we decided to have a luau.  Here is what we did to make such a fun time for all ages. 

We first sent out invitations in which I just printed from a colored printer.  In large print at the top read LUAU.  Then below it went on to say come help us celebrate Lora's 15th bday.  We mentioned that dinner and the traditional cake and ice cream would be served.  Also we mentioned a grand prize would be given to the best luau costume. 

We have a large tree in our front yard and usually we have decorated it with streamers for past birthday parties.  But this year we hung leis from the branches.  We also laid out beach towels in different areas of the lawn.  Some had magazines, suntan lotion, sun glasses, etc.  These were used for decoration.

We tossed a few beach balls around the lawn as well. We then found an inexpensive plastic piggy bank in which we drill holes in both ends and ran a wooden stick through it.  We found two "Y" shaped branches and put them in the ground and placed the pig on top of those to make it look like a pig roast. 

To follow that theme I cooked a couple of pork roast in my slow cooker during the day and before the party kicked off I shredded the pork and served pork sandwiches.  We had BBQ sauce on the side for those who preferred.  I served potato salad, macarroni salad, and cole slaw from beach pails and sand shovels.  We had fruit trays with fruits such as mangos, papaya's, kiwi's, etc. 

We had bowls of macadamia nuts and chocolate macadamia nuts on the table.  I had purchased enough gifts for all who attended and we did a white elephant sort of give away with a twist.  When each person's name was pulled they could either choose to select a wrapped gift or take a gift from one prior to them. 

Once all gifts were distributed we put the twist to the game.  We then annouced that each was to take a turn and find the paper taped to the bottom of their chair (something we had done prior to the party).  Each paper had instructions such as, swap your gift with the person to your left, or swap your gift with the last person who picked a gift, one even said, " you can keep your gift…….for now". 

I picked up gifts from all different places but they all had to do with our theme.  Some of the gifts were picture frames with pink flamingos on them  some were candles, soaps, lotions, etc.  They all either had palm trees or something beach like and lotions and sented items had either tropical fruit scents or had the name Hawaiian or tropical in it.  I didn't spend more that $2.50 per gift while a lot of gifts were under a dollar. 

We then had a costume contest.  We passed out paper and let everyone put the name of who they thought who was the best luau dressed.  We then tallied up the score and presented the grand prize, which was a beach bag with several items inclosed, such as suntan lotion, beach towel, water bottle, beverage can cooler that had palm trees on them, frisbee, etc.  The total price of the grand prize was aprx $15.00.  In addition to the above listed we had Don Ho music playing in the back ground and had a limbo game set up and hula hoops for any all who wanted to participate. 

We had large compliments on our party this year and we enjoyed having it.  Hope some of this may help someone who is interested in a luau theme party.   

Now to plan my younger daughters party for August.  Have a great summer

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