Luau Tropical Party

Hawiian Theme -14yr- Flowers & Invite in Bottle




Tropical Luau Party


Amanda in Columbus, GA USA


March 2004



Hi there! My friend and I just had our 14th birthday party. It was tons of fun! It was a Hawaiian themed party. Here's how it went: 

Invitations: We printed out colorful invitations on the computer. We rolled the paper up and tied a ribbon around the middle. We slipped the paper into an empty, clear water bottle. We stuffed the bottles with artificial flowers. These were so cute and very inexpensive. The guests loved them! 

Where: We had it at my house. Since there were so many people there we kept it outside the whole time. 

Games: The party was 6 hours long so we played plenty of different games. The party was held from 4:30 to 10:30. We hula danced to fun music like music from Lilo and Stitch. We played Capture the Flag in the dark which was tons of fun with so many people involved. We sat around the fire and talked and sang. Everyone was dressed in Hawaiian clothes so we voted on who had the best costume.

We played hot potato with a flip - flop. Not part of the original plan but it was fun too. :)   

Music: We played a little bit of everyhting really. When the guests arrived we had Lilo and Stich music playing. We hula danced to a Hawaiian CD we found at Party City. We listened (and sang) to Kenny Chesney's "When the sun goes Down" and Allen Jackson's "It's 5 o clock somewhere"  Later on we just danced to everybody's requests! 

Food:Everybody cooked a hotdog over the fire. We had chips Chex mix. We roasted marshmellows. We drank punch, sprite, Coke, stuff like that. We had little umbrellas to go in the cups. We had birthday cake and icecream for dessert of course!  

Party Favors: Everybody got a lei and the girls got a flower clip to go in their hair. We took digital pics at the party when the guests first arrived so my dad copied everybody one and we put them in frames that Brittany and I made (very cheap just used foam and glitter and stuff) We gave out little things too like candy.  

Decorations: We made plenty of stuff like banners and signs on the computer. We hung pink flamingo lights which we found at Party City and we have torch things around our porch for light. We had plenty of pink flamingo yard decorations everywhere. Since the party was outside we didn't use many decorations.    

Well that's about how it went! Hope your party is as much fun as our's was!  We had a blast! And it was pretty cheap too! Have fun!  ~Amanda~

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