Luau Tropical Party

Hawiian Theme -15yr- Pineapple Centerpieces




Tropical Luau Party


Lucy in Orpington,Kent,England(South Eastern)


March 2004



Hi guys! For my 15th birthday,i decided to have a hawiian themed party.If youre looking for a great way to celabrate a birthday for teens,a hawiian theme is the right way to go!  Everybody loved mine,and they are still raving on about it to this day!  So follow my party plan instructions,and youre guests will all have an enjoyable and memorable time! 

First off,we didnt want to pay out loads of money on invitations, decor,food,music etc; so we made my invites on the computer,i made them really colourful and bright! i also looked up on the net what all of there names would be in Hawiian, and wrote them on there invites!

We made pineapple centerpieces out of real pineapples and crepe paper.We bought big pieces of coloured card card,and wrote different things on them like "Aloha","happy 15th birthday" etc;we made our own food but we did order a big cake with a hula girl on it.

And finaly we went to the library and got some wiked tropical music!  Now for the fun part!When my gests arrived(35 total)my mum presented them with a flower lei and a tropical fruit punch in a coconut shell cup,with pretty umbrellas in it!And the boys got a staw hat!

On the front door,we covered it with bright balloons,and a big sign saying "the party's here." we have quite a big garden,so we decided to hire a'surf board simulator' (roughly £160) to ad to the hawiian theme,that was the highlight of the party,and it was quite cheap to hire for a whole day!

Every body loved it! Since we didn’t have a pool we thought we would buy one of those round'stay up all year pools(£100)but we were going to get 1 for the summertime anyway! So I told my friends to bring there most colourful bikinis and towels! The pool really set the hawiian beach feeling! 

We set out 2 big tables and decorated them with confetti, rafia triming,the pineapple centrepieces and a coloured tablecloth!And we servd snacks such as crisps,candy,chocolate,fruit punch etc; 

We bought a limbo set for the party aswell, but you can easily try to make 1 from branches,or just have an adult hold a pole for you!I set up a  treasure hunt for all my mates and I. I hid different types of sweets around the garden,and for a joke I hid stuff like brocoli and carrots! 

When it got dark and it was time to come in (around 8.30) we cleared out the dining room and/or living area, and turned it into a dance area, where we also later played truth or dare games,we opened my pressies and stuffed ourselves with all of the left over food! Yum! 

Afterwards I had a few of my close friends sleep round after, it was a very eventful day, and everyone went home very hyper ! He he he!  If you want to go all out on this you could hire a DJ or some professional hula dancers, and for decoration mybe you could buy some cheap sand from somewhere and pour it over your patio for a more 'beachy effect'  I hope I have given you more than enough helpful ideas on how to have a great hawiian party!  Have fun !!!!!!!!!

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