Luau Tropical Party

Luau Party -14yr- Foam Coconut Invite




Tropical Luau Party


nikia in fort hood, texas, united states


June 2007



my 14th birthday is on the first day of school{2007}, so choose to have it a few weeks after. Here are some of the ideas that i am using, and willing to share with you.

INVITES>> i use the microsoft word on the computer that many people have and made my own invites stating the date, place, time, etc. and printed it off in advance. then i got 20 styrofoam balls of the smallest size and spray painted them brown with 3 black circles to look like a coconut. then i cut them in half, also hollowing it out so it would have space inside.  I rolled up the invitaion and stuck it in there. So it was like message in a bottle but now its message in a coconut. Then I closed it and sealed the edges with a light easy to peel of tape and put the names of the people on there with lil sticky letters from walmart. I will hand these out when school starts back again.

FOOD>> I am having a mix of hawaiian oriented food and american food. For the hawaiian food I am making pinapple and teryaki chicken mini kabobs. To make these cook the teryaki chicken and cut into sqaures, take a chicken square and a pinapple square and put them on a tooth pick, ready to serve. I am also serving fingerfoods like chips, pig in the blankets, and bean dipz. 

CAKE>> you can make any cake that you would like but I am making my own. It will be a replica of the life savers that are thrown out into the water. Decorated with MnM's minis and snickers minis. And crunched up nilla wafers will be around it as the sand". 

DRINKS>> non acoholic straberry daqueri and slushis will be served. And for those who do not like that there will be sprite and coke. To make it more hawaiian themed I will put mini umbrella straws in them. 

PARTY>> my party is a dance one. So I will play some of my fave hip hop songs for me and my friends to dance to.

DECO>> I am putting up streamers and an aloha sign I will tie up ballons and instead of wearing grass skirt I will cut them so it will be like a long line of grass skirt material and hang it on the fence. 

FAVORS>> I dopnt like the idea of giving out goodiie baggiies so I am giving away mini surf boards. With the person's named stenciled and spray parinted on it. There are big stencils at walmart that you can use."

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