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Tropical Luau Party


Katrina in London,South-East England


May 2003


Special Mention

\*~A TEEN LUAU 14YR~\*  MY CHOSEN THEME: I am going to be 14 this year and want my birthday to be just as special if not more than the last! Being a teenager it is hard to choose a suitable theme but browsing through this site at the new ideas and themes i have chosen the theme of a Hawaiin Luau. This theme i think will be very suitable as my birthday takes place in early august. 

INVITATIONS: For my invitations i do not want to spend so i thought the cheapest way would be to produce my invites on my computer. They will be simple with bright tropical colours decorated with clip-art. At the top it will read my friends name in Hawaiin (type in 'hawaiin names' into a search engine)then You have been invited to a Hawaiin Luau and below the normal instructions. The attire will be bright tropical colours with grass skirts and leis if they have them. They will also be asked to bring along with them their swim suits and towel as they may get wet!

PLANNING: To avoid last minute rush to buy all your items needed for the party it is advised to buy your items over a period of time. Buy all the decorations about 2 weeks before, then the prizes and fillings for the goody bags about 1 week before , then the food 2 days before. You should also prepare any large dishes the night before also the decorations if your making any by hand.

DECORATIONS: I am hosting my party at my house, unfortunately we dont have a pool so instead we have bought a large inflatable pool. At my guests arrival i will hand them each a lei. There will be 3 main tables; Food table, Tiki bar, and present/goody bag table. Each table will be decorated with a bright tropical coloured table cloth. Around the edges of the table there will be raffia skirting for a hut/tiki effect. The centerpeice for the food table will be a large pinapple hollowed out filled with different leaves and tropical flowers of all colours. This will be surrounded by candles.

The pattio will be sprinkled with sand and all over the garden and pattio there will be clusters of tealights. Amongst the trees and bushes there will be hand-made tissue paper flowers again of different tropical colours.  There will be a parrot pinata hanging from a branch, a limbo pole covered in streamers, and ALOHA sign hung up high. There will also be clusters of bright balloons everywhere supported by wieghts; an i dea is to gather large stones and cover them in tissue paper/coloured plastic tied up with raffia to make some attractive weights.

All these decorations will be outside, inside I am decorating to be the sea. There will be tons of green and blue streamers hanging from the ceiling to create a lagoon effect. On the floor there will be loose balloons of the colours white and blue to represent bubbles and water. All ornaments and expensive things will be removed and put upstairs to prevent and accidents. There will be balloon garlands put in archways and doorways along with streamers.

ACTIVITES: Hot Coconut, Dress game;in teams they choose one to be the hawaiin princess and have to make her a dress from tiolet roll, crepe paper and leaves, they will be given an amount of time in which they have to make a dress. The judge (an adult) must decide on the winning team the dress may be judged on originality, style, and how neat it is. Pass the flower like parce the parcel only the parcel is like a flower and when the music stops in blooms (a layer is taken off), hula hoop contest (who can keep it going for the longest),

Treasure hunt relay (when you split into two teams they take it in turns to collect an item to do with a luau eg pinapples the team to collect all there pinapples wins. The limbo (water- with the hose and normal). Coconut stomp (when each person has a brown balloon (coconut) tied to their ankle with a piece of string, they have to avoid their coconut being stomped on (popped) at the same time as trying to pop everyone elsesthe last person with their balloon still intact wins).

FOOD: This may include; cheese and pinapple sticks, alsorted fruit sticks, carrot and cucumber sticks, crisps with dips, all different kinds of candy, and many more finger foods. A beach scene cake, ice cream. And pizza (ham and pinapple always have plain pizza just incase) also various barbeque dishes. I will try and make it seem as buffet as possible to match my theme.

PRIZES: Candy, Leis, Sarongs, Make-up, Hairstuff, Beach balls/inflatables. Etc etc

GOODY BAGS: These will consist of candy, stationery (smelly pens- in tropical scents), their leis, their prizes, thank-you notes (made on the computer). These goddies will be placed inside a coloured plastic paper tied up with curled ribbon and raffia. After all this careul planning I cannot wait for my party! I hope you have found my ideas useful and if you're planning a party Good Luck :) Katrina.

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