Luau Tropical Party

Tropical Luau -14yr- Water Balloon Vollyball




Tropical Luau Party


Amber in Redomond, Oregon, USA


May 2002


Honorable Mention

For my 14th birthday I wanted to do something original that not many people have done. So, I decided to have a luau! now as you can imagine I was REALLY EXCITED! My birthday is in July so I decided to have the luau at a local lake. 

For invitations, I went to the local postal connections and got these special little "message in a bottle" things. (the bottom was filled with sand, sea shells, glitter, and a little paper umbrella)I sent the bottles out in the mail(this was suprisingly non~expensive) the message included information such as, time, date, place, and to bring a swim suit and a beach towel. 

As the guests arrived the girls were given one(1) lei, one (1) ankle lei, and a grass skirt. (I wore a special lei that worked like a crown) and the boys were given one lei, a beachcomber hat, and it was optional to wear a grass skirt for them. 

For games we had water balloon volley ball (we were divided into 4 groups, we toss a water balloon back and forth with a beach towel) we had a limbo and a hula contest, and a watermelon relay(the melon was covered in Vaseline and we had to run through the water and back again with out dropping it)  

After a day at the beach the boys and girls went back to my house and the real fun started.  We had a BBQ and drank daiquiris (I had bought plastic cups at a party store that resembled coconuts &/or pineapples).

For decorations I bought some plastic flamingos at a thrift store, rope nets were on the walls with various fish and lobsters suck into it. I also had two kiddie pools, one for the guests to sit in, and one filled with ice and used as a cooler.   

After the BBQ was over the boys went home, but the girls stayed, we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning and watched movies, did make overs, painted nails, etc.  Every one got to keep the leis and grass skirts as party favors, and the next week I sent out thank you card which were shaped as pineapples.

Over all I had the time of my life! I cant wait until next year!!

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