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Hotel Sleepover Party


Olivia in Jacksonville Florida, USA


March 2012



I wanted to do a super party for my 13th birthday, so I decieded to have one at a hotel! My mom is renting a suite from embassy suites with 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It's going to be AWESOOOOOME!!!!!!

INVITATIONS:For invites I will take a plain sheet of paper w/pics of our room and all info needed and paste it on a thick cut zebra border with a hot pink zebra ribbon on the side of each one. (Be sure to remind your guest to bring their sleeping bag, bathing suit, makeup etc)

DECOR:An hour before my friends arrival my mom and I will decorate. For the theme of my party I am having a hot pink zebra party (so I'm wearing my hot pink zebra shorts with my pink cami and black cardigan over and zebra headband) We bought balloons of pink,white, and black to match the theme. Zebra table cloth, (zebra napkins, plates, cups) pink star confetti, pink streamer,etc etc. We are also buying some thick red fabric to layout by the door for a red carpet, to feel like celebritie's.

I am inviting about 10 girls. To narrow down the drama though, 7 or 8 is recommended. My best friend's mom and my mom will have 1 bedroom and we will have the other so we can gossip and do girly stuff. In the bathroom I will have perfumes, face masks, lotions, bubble baths, hand soaps and etc from bath and body or other places.I will also bring my radio for our fave jams throughout the night!!! (Be sure to give everyone disposible cameras to remember the night/day by!!!!!!!)

FOOD:For the food I want to be kind of unoriginal and for dinner get KFC (bucket of wings and bucket of strips) instead of pizza. I will set up a snack table which will include chips and dip, fruit platter, bowls of star burst, m&m's, hershy kisses,ZEBRA CAKES,cookies etc etc. and for drinks we will have regular pop and sparkling grape juice set out when the guests arive in plastic, fake wine cups. And lastly, for breakfast we will have the all you can eat buffet (I LOVE THOSE THINGS!)

FUN AND GAMES:For activities of course we will do some swimming for however much my guests want to. When we get back we will play man hunt throughout the hotel and  we are also going to the beach sense the beach is right there, close to our hotel. When we get to the beach we'll play over under" (a game we made up for the waves where you choose to either go over or under each wave) skim board tan and eat popcicles we brought. When we get back to the hotel we will change into clothes and have cake (im having zebra cookie cake) and open presents and then go play elavator tag for 30 minutes (or until we get yelled out)and maybe go shopping at a mall or some nearby shops. (Be sure to say to bring $ on the invitation)

When we get back we will change into our pjs because it will probably be late play deal or no deal **look it up if you havn't heard of it:):) paint each others nails and do hair (located in the bathroom) and pop in some movies like Jack and Jill, Twilight, Legally Blonde, or any of your other favorites(let your guests do majority rules) after 2 or 3 movies maybe make some popcorn or go down to the lobby and ask for hot chocolate mix and start facial masks and maybe even play americans next top model and judge on the best makeup outfit or whateva:P (guests can snack throughout) by then it will probably be 3 in the morning so it's time for some truth or dare!!!

After that try this game if you're not too tired-it's called "KISS'EM" find a poster of your fave guy celeberty (i'm doing taylor lautner)and 1 person goes at a time wearing red lipstick trying to kiss taylor on the lips and whoever can get closest wins a prize (gift cards candy bars cotton candy makeup,funky glasses, bubbles and other cool fun stuff) Then settle down with another movie and GO 2 BED!!!!!! If you really want to spice up the party - play a joke on the 1st one to fall asleep (do a bad makeover old fashion whipcream trick draw a mustache surround with stuffed animals)In the morning be sure to try and wakeup early so you may be able to fit in another swim and take your time at breakfast to talk and hang around!!

FAREWELLS:Be sure to think everyone for coming and give hugs and (of course) Everyones favorite part though is.

GOODY BAGS! I'm putting in mine handfulls of candy, $5 gift cards to various places (ask first) pink and black necklaces, zebra notpads, and the pictures we took from the night on the handed out cameras!

I hope your party will be a blast like mine will be!!!!!! (:"

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