Fifties 50s Party

Super 70s Party -13yr- Twister Tournament




Rock n Fifties Party




October 2007



After spending many hours reading this site and other party idea books, I decided on a party idea. I chose a Seventies Party for my 13th birthday.

We dressed up in costume, and the cards were lava lamps that I wrote all the information on. The room was decorated with a mini disco ball, streamers, black lights, and big black light posters.

When the people got there, we munched on snacks (chips and onion dip and tie-dyed pretzels" which were pretzels dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles).

Then we had a Twister tournament.

We also played bingo using 70s words like "Groovy" and "Far Out." We used smiley-face stickers as the place markers.

Then we had cheese fondue for dinner with potatoes broccoli and little sausages. We voted upon best costumes opened presents and ate cake.

After word we had a big round of karaoke and then decorated pet rocks (rocks that we glued googly eyes on).

It was a very fun party and I suggest it to all. P.S.: All of these things (fondue pet rocks Twister…) are all very seventies."

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