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Rock n Fifties Party


Cornelia in trannsylvania, Idaho, US


November 2005



FIFTYS PARTY FOR TEENS: I love the fiftys. So I made this party up. I had a little help from family+friends. 

Invitations: This was my mom's idea. You take 45-ers which she says are these old fashion records that are about CD sized. Then, you take a silver sharpie and write "Come to ______'s 1950's sleepover party. Singing, dancing, and of course ELVIS! Day:     Time:     Ends at:     PS Don't forget your 50s clothes!!!!!" Of course you don't have to make it a sleepover. 

Days to party:20- You're ready and excited!  Step 1- buy, find, borrow, steal (jk) some fiftys wear Step 2- make invite list Only 2 steps, pretty easy (for now! haha!)  Days to party:10-Getting closer! 

FOOD- Food is pretty easy. Just things like pizza, cheeseburgers or anything 50ish. I had an idea about going to Johnny Rockets where everything is fiftys style with jukeboxes and stuff!

DECORATIONS- You can get huge pieces of construnction paper, cut it into a circle, put a smaller grey circle in it, an decorate it like a record. Or to make it easier just hang records all over the room! MISC-Buy fun things like make-up and nail polish.  Days to party:8- Jumping for JOY!!! Hand out invitations 

Days to party:5- WAITING IS HORRIBLE! Music time! If you can' get cool records and record players buy Elvis an other fiftys music CDs. Fiftys Movies: (some are early sixties  Bye Bye Birdie Hairspray Grease Grease2 West Side Story  Days to party:0- FINALLY!! Yes, the day is here! You gone through lots of hard work and now it's time to play some games!

GAME 1-Kareoke. Need I explain?

GAME 2-Musical Nail Polish. You  put a bottle of nail polish in the middle. Play some music and pass it around. Stop the music. The girl who is holding the nail polish paints ONE nail. (For a long game, toenails count too.) The girl who has all of her nails painted first wins and can ake home the nail polish when the game ends. Keep playing till all the girls have bautiful nails.

GAME 3- Do the sock hop! (Ask your mom)

GAME 4- If you've got a bunch of DQs (drama queens) then this is a game for you! Basically it's a game of pretend…IN THE FIFTYS!!! Use broomsticks and lamps for the cute teenage boys you fall in love with and sing mushy love songs. 

PS. I hope you liked this. You can make tweaks to the hard or stupid parts:)

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