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Dance Party


Ashley in Virginia Beach, VA


May 2005



THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY DANCE PARTY.My 13th birthday idea. It's fun and simple. I made a list of all the girls and boys...yes I said boys, that I wanted at my party on a list.

Then I made a flyer type invitation and passed it out to the people on my list. I also had a couple special invites for the girls that I wanted to sleep over. Never have an oppiste sex sleep over, the parents don't like that.

Then I put together a special cd full of popular songs, and songs that are fun to dance to. Just watch MTV Fuse or VH1 or ask friends for cool music ideas.

Then I made a list of all the food I wanted. Candies, and cupcakes are the best for the sweet diparment. Its not a good idea to have a cake, because noone wants to cut the cake a t a teen party. Cupcakes do fine.

Also have some cool snack foods, like chips n'dip, Buffalo Wings, and pizzas.

Then I set up some games that might be fun. Since I had my party on friday the 13th (Funny huh?) i had a oujii board, its also fun the have twister.

So when the guests come have the music playing for dancing and have a room set up for games. After the guests leave and you just have the sleep over kids, pop in a movie, or play Lemons (lemons is a game where you wrtie down the guests names, then write down what you can do to a lemon, then a boys name, then a location. Number everything randomly, like 1-5 for every comolnm, then read off what the names and stuff that have the same number)

Then you can pop in a movie, talk, tell stories, and because my party was on Friday the 13th, you can play Bloody Murder, or Rosmary I Killed Your Baby (~_^) If you want you can also open gifts during the dance party or the Sleep Over.

And the main thing you MUST not forget…have fun and pray no boys come to crash your party (unless their hot)

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