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Dance Party


Erin in America


June 2013



Hey! So for my thirteenth birthday, I had a Dance Party.  

Invitations: I got a lot of compliments for my invitations. I had 4 VIP friends who would spend the whole weekend with me. Their invitations were printed on pink and brown polka dotted paper. On the paper was the usual, date, time, place etc. That paper was tied, with a pink ribbon, to a pink piece of cardstock which explained what we would be doing during the weekend. The front of the invites had a picture of me and that friend. Everyone else's (100+ people) invites were printed on brown and blue paper for the guys and pink and brown for the girs. 

Decorations: A limo picked up me and my 4 friends from school, so I didn't really have decorations for that part. But the chauffeur gave my friends white roses dipped in silver glitter and a red rose dipped in silver glitter for me! I rented out a hall for my party. At the hall, I decorated it with tons of brown and pink balloons and brown and pink streamers. I also carefully made puff balls using brown and pink tissue paper, which looked amazing, hung from the ceiling. The hall already had flashing lights, a great sound system, and a few tvs. We hired a fog machine and a bubble machine and, just to be creative, we also hired a few palm trees and other plants.

Activities: We basically just danced (A LOT) and played ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, pool and Wii (which we hooked up to the tvs) the DJ also asked trivia about me, for example, what is my favorite sport? (Dancing )and the person who got the answer right would win a prize, like a slab of chocolate or something like that. 

Costumes: The dress was semi-formal, so I wore a beautiful pink, chiffon, cocktail dress, and all my friends wore similar outfits. (Cocktail dresses for the girls and jeans and a smart shirt for guys)

Party Snacks: we had three tables. One for drinks, one for presents and one for food. Our snacks included the standard chip and dips, and standard sweets. We also had a chocolate fountain. On pink and brown plates around the fountain were different things you could dip into the fountain, such as marshmellows, assorted fruit, assorted biscuits and a lot more. We had Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, Sprite, Lemonade, and non- alcoholic punch for drinks.

Cake: My cake was a three tiered topsy turvy cake. Since the rest of my party went along with my color scheme, I decided that I was not going to match my cake to the theme.(Also I am very spontaneous) My bottom tier had pink and black zebra stripes, the second tier was purple with green polka dots and the top tier was blue and said, Happy Birthday Erin" in dark blue icing. 

Other: My four VIPs and I after the party went down to our huge beach cottage and partied the whole weekend. We had a photo shoot a scavenger hunt we went to the cinema but mostly we just "beached" the whole time! 

Favors: for my favors I gave everyone who came to my party a personalized chocolate bar that said "I hope you had a 'sweet' time at my party! Thank-you!" But for my VIPs I gave them a pink and brown polka dotted box. Inside was all the things they had collected from the scavenger hunt a personalized chocolate bar 5 pics from the photoshoot a Claire's voucher and a Starbucks voucher.

Thanks for reading about my party! Have a great party!

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