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Dance Party -17yr- Dance Contest




Dance Party


Alexandria in Dayton, Ohio, USA


June 2012



My older sister let me plan her birthday party.  She wanted a dance party with a pink and yellow color scheme.  I decided to take this a step further and plan it around her favorite thing: music.  She is turning seventeen, and she never had a sweet sixteen party, so we decided to make up for it.  

For invitations, we are going to get yellow cardstock and fold it hamburger style, then type out the information on a piece of pink paper and put it inside the card.  We will write YOU'RE INVITED!" on the front and write who it is from under the information.  We want to make pink cards but it's coed and most high school boys would be embarrassed to carry around a pink party invitation.  Even if they're almost adult some of them aren't above the hatred of pink yet.  

For decorations we're trying to not go overboard considering that it's a casual party.  We rented our local housing office out.  It's pretty and cheaper than a hall.  We'll have fairy lights hanging from the wall. We'll have enough tables for thirty guests and a few family members.  

The tables will have white tableclothes with bowls of pink and yellow M&Ms in the middle.  We may get a balloon net so we can have a balloon release after everyone sings Happy Birthday.  

There will be a banner that hangs low enough for people to sign with a sharpie as a gift to McKenzie.  There will be cardboard circles painted as records and posters of Kenzie's favorite musicians.  

For food we will have an abundance of food but not enough to distract the guests.  There is a bar so my little sister and I will take drink orders. There will be a buffet of mini hamburgers pizza bagels a fruit tray cheese chips and crackers.  We will order a sheet cake decorated to go with the theme.  Lastly we will have a candy bar.  

The dance party is the fun part though.  We will make mix CDs and play them to spare the cost of a DJ.  I plan to cover the candy bar so no one runs away from the dance floor.  We'll start with a dance contest with five contestants.  The first place winner gets a $15 Itunes card.  All the other contestants get small prizes.  Then everybody will get out on the dance floor.  

An hour later we'll have cake and have the possible balloon release.  Then more dancing.  Finally everybody gets a white Tshirt and we pass sharpies out.  The guests and Kenzie sign each others shirts.  For favors we will have candy bags (from the candy bar) the Tshirts and thank you notes.  Make sure to take lots of pictures and send thank you notes out within a week or two."

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