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Tori in Toronto,Ontario, Canada


February 2011


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My 14 & Fun Party: My dream job is being an event planner, and since practice makes perfect it would only make sense to plan my very own party!  I will be turning 14 on June 9th and my party will be held during that time period.  Since I will be graduating a couple weeks after, I've decided to invite my entire grade 8 class (50 kids).  Statistics say 25% people don't show up to the party, so I'm expecting about 35 kids.  I will be throwing an awesome dance party and a few of my closest friends/vip's and I will go to a spa and get all dolled up prior to the event.  It will be from 6:00-8:30 on a Saturday night and the girls and I will be at the spa between 5:00-6:00.  The dress code is semi  casual but I, being the birthday girl will wear a statement dress.  Obviously it will be a boy girl party and I'm planning on inviting kids hat don't all know each other so people can make new friends. 

INVITATIONS: For invitations I've decided to keep it simple and go with the classic flyer printout.  Basic information is listed but an extra card was given to all the V.I.P. telling them what time to meet at my house.  I did all the graphics on a Microsoft program and printed everything in colour! It read Lucky you, you're invited to attend Tori's dance till you drop party...  I also sent messages via Facebook & MSN (just in case)! 

DECORATIONS/DECOR:  The colour scheme is: purple, teal, silver, and white, as they are my fave colours. The party will be held throughout my uncle's house, but the main party is in the basement. Games will also be set up in the backyard and there are several lounge areas upstairs.  The basement will have black lights, balloons (using the colour scheme), shiny silver cut out stars and strung white Christmas lights.  I've learned how to blow up tinier balloons into large clear ones which make for some nice decorations. 

We also have a projector that will show random slides and pictures of me and the guests throughout the party and even a few trivia questions.  The backyard will also have white lights, and a fire pit used to make smores.  All the seating will be white and in one corner of the room there will be a V.I.P. section (everyone's aloud) and a canopy will be hung over the chaise lounge.  All teens love glow sticks so they will be placed around the basement for people to use and take home. 

ACTIVTIES/GAMES:  From 6:00  6:30 there will be a cocktail half hour (non-alcoholic drinks) to allow everyone to get associated and wait for all the guests to arrive.  From 6:30 - 7:30 it will be just dancing, and at 7:30 we will play a few group games like pie eating contests before cutting cake.  This will probably take 15-30 minutes so after that we will hopefully have time to continue dancing!  Since it is a dance party everyone will be either dancing, or playing air hockey or maybe even watching movies on the projector screen.  My uncle is a DJ so he will be providing music the entire time.  He will also take song requests.  Mingling, snacking, and grooving will happen downstairs and a few chairs will be set up. 

Lawn bowling will also be out in the backyard!  We will do a candy raffle so people have something to go home with, probably something like guess how much ___ is in the jar.  At one point in the party karaoke will be played and the winners will receive some sort of prize.  Our dartboard will be set up and, a round of limbo, dance off, or musical chairs is bound to happen!  As conceited as it may sound I am thinking about a dance number, because I have been taking classes for a while.  My friends might even back me up, and I heard their planning on singing! 

FOOD:  Fortunately my aunt owns a catering and cake company so her and my mom will take care of the food.  For the cocktail hour and rest of the party cool mixed drinks will be served.  My friend volunteered to be a bartender so she'll prepare drinks like; pina coladas, Shirley temples, milkshakes, and other original concoctions.  It'll probably be the stereotypical party food and drinks like; pizza, wings, chips, candy, pop, water etc.  But my school is very multicultural so I will try to include foods from several ethnicities. Spring rolls, mini patties, a shrimp platter and samosas will be available along with an ice cream bar.  Marshmallows, chocolate, sprinkles and other ice cream toppings will be placed aside with the vanilla ice cream.  All the food and desserts will be nut free just to prevent any allergic reactions. My cake will be compatible with the colour scheme and red velvet. 

For favours my mom will print out pictures that were taking during the party and deliver them to each child.  Along with that, my uncle will burn the mix that was played through the party and make a copy for each guest.    Hopefully this party will be as awesome as I attend and will inspire others!

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