Dance Disco Party

Dance Party -13yr- Disco Lights & Fog




Dance Party


Brianne in Vancouver, BC, Canada


June 2010



13 is a big number (welcome to the teen years!) and I wanted to do something really fun to celebrate it! This party theme is definately not only for 13 yr olds. It can be adapted for any age group! My party is just going to be between me and eight of my girlfriends. That way we can just be crazy and laugh and just hang out without having to worry about impressing any guys.

INVITATIONS: I'm just going to e-mail my friends their invitations.

ACTIVITIES: My friends are going to show up at my house, eat dinner (pizza), have snacks (chips, pretzels, etc.) and drink some pop and Kool-Aid and stuff like that. Then we'll eat cake and open presents.

After that, my family is going to drive my friends to the local cinema to go see a movie. Once the movie is over, we'll come back to my house, and just party! They will stay overnight and leave at 10:30 the next morning.

DECORATIONS: When my friends first arrive at my house, the furniture will be rearranged a little bit. Because my dad plays in a band, he owns lots of stage lights that will be set up. Those will be the only things up. However, while my friends and I are at the movie, my family will be hard at work turning my house into Club 13".

Once my friends arrive back at my house there will be glow-sticks hanging from the ceiling the room will be dark and the stage lights will be flashing! There will be some Christmas lights lining the room too. I'm going to borrow a huge disco ball from a friend as well as a couple little ones and hang them from the ceiling. I will also borrow a fog machine from my dad's friend and use that just to add something really cool. I want a strobe light really badly so we're going to look and see if we can rent one!

GAMES: There won't be too many games available but we will be doing karaoke. When things start to wind down we can play low-key games like Scene It?. 

FAVORS: Two hit two birds with one stone (and save some cash) my party favors will be filled with candy and snacks that the girls can take with them to the movie. Rather than buying expensive popcorn at the theatre I'll fill some bags up with a bag of popcorn some candy some little chocolate bars sour candies and a bag of chips. The girls will also get the choice of a can of pop or a water bottle to take with them. That way they can really enjoy their favors and my family won't have to break the bank! I hope that my party turns out really well and I also hope that I inspired you for your next party!!!"

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