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Dance Party -13yr- Disco Ball & Strobe Lights




Dance Party


Loretta in uuuuh, america


October 2008



One of my best friends had the best party i have ever been too! It was her 13th and her parents thought she should have a big party since she officially going to be a teenager!

INVITE: the invite was a CD in a CD case (her mom purchased them from the supermarket for cheap prices) on the usual boring front of the CD case was replaced by a measured piece of silver card board with the guests name is hot pink. Inside on the other side of the silver cardboard was the details for the party and the CD had a 'dance mix' of songs chosen by my friend and burned of the ipod!

These invitations were a hit and I still listen to the CD now! Later in the week she gave each guest a VIP pass that her and her mom had made on the computer!

DECORATIONS: she turned her garage into a club (since she wanted the dance party to be like a night club for 13yr olds) called CLUB 13! Her and her mom went out shopping and bought a disco ball and heaps of lights to put up like strobe lights and ultra violet lights!

Her and her family all cleaned out the garage and put up 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSERTNAMEHERE' and 'CLUB 13' with seats on the side and a stereo in one corner!

The party was formal if you wanted to come and 5 of us including me and the birthday girl came in dresses! In one corner was the food and drink area where there were mocktails (with teeny umbreallas and straws and stirrers) and snacks like candy and chips and sausage rolls.

START: there were fairy lights leading up to the side door of the garage and the music was playing songs we all knew and loved while the lights shone and just boosted up the atmosphere.

My friend of course looked gorgeous with her make-up beautifully done in a hot pink strapless dress, silver high heels and a little silver tiara comb sitting on her head (all were bought especially for this occasion)!

We all had the best time making up dance moves and singing at the top of our lungs! Her mom came in once or twice to take pictures and replace food and drink! It was soooo fun and I hope this will give you inspiration for your very own dance party!

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