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Dance Party


Emily in Green Bay, WI, USA


April 2008



for my thirteenth birthday I had a Night Club theme with the color theme of pink and white! I did not do the boy/girl thing but even with just girlies IT WAS AWSOME! we had it in my backyard on the patio:

INVITATIONS: for the invitations i went to a local craft store and bought pink card stalk, and silver glitter glue the front of the card said YOUR INVITED TO EMILY'S NIGHT CLUB!" and the inside explained all of the needed information and said that pink and white apparel was requested to set the mood.

DECORATIONS: i hung white christmas lights in the shrubs and in the lower part of the tree we also had a bunch of chairs near the tables so that people could sit and talk while they ate or if they got tired of dancing they could just relax for a little while we covered each chair with pink and silver mesh fabric to set the mood the dance floor was in the middle of my patio so the concrete floor was covered in pink and silver glitter and i borrowed a smoke mashine and a bubble mashine from my cousine and they were placed next to the dance floor.

I had 20 guests but you can go anywhere from 10-40 guestes but its better to stay between those numbers because too many guestes can get crazy!! I had my party from 7:30-10:30 because it was an outside dance party so it had to be dark!When my guests drove up my drive way there were pink sparkly arrows directing them to the back yard and when they got to the back yard my dad was acting like a bouncer and so he asked each guest "NAME?" and then checked the list to make sure they were on it and i had put stars next to some of my best friends names so he gave them a hard time and was like "wait here u r not on the list" it was hilarious but they obviously got in eventually.

FOOD: i kept to the night club finger food theme because if u have too much food people will spend most time at the food table instead of danceing and u DONT want that so i just had cheese sticks fries wings and shrimp I had a chocolate fountain in the center of the table and then some strawberes and pretzels to dip then there was a tray of pink sprinkles to roll them in for drinks i had sprite and water with pink food coloring in it and some raspberry lemonade. I also had my aunt make a special pink and white pokadot 3 tear cake which was a big hit!

ACTIVITIES: I had a small golf ball that I had covered in glue and covered in pink glitter ahead of time that I hid and if a guest found it they had to secretly re-hide it and the last person to hide it bi the end of the night won a prize I also had a board that I had decorated with different catagories like best smile funniest laugh and there were piles of popsicle sticks and guests wrote sum1's name on a popsicle stick and put it in the folder for each catagorie and the person with the most votes won a sparklie white pair of sumglasses it was a blast and everyboy had soo much fun voting

OTHER: I gave cd's I had burned as party favors and everybody was talking about it for weeks afterward! I hope ur party is as much of a success as mine"

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