Dance Disco Party

Teen Dance Party -13yr- Pink & Silver




Dance Party


Jordan in Broken Arrow Oklahoma USA


March 2008



Hey whats up? My name is Jordan. I'm turning 13 in May. So the day before my B-Day I'm having my HUGE party!

INVITATIONS: My invites will have a see through cover and a solid color in the back. The writing will be in a 3D silver and the borders will have pink glitter. I will hand them out at my school by having my best friends dress up as a hollywood star and hand them out for me. We are trying to think of a song for them to sing to each lucky duck.

DECORATIONS: My colors are sparkling silver and hot pink. The table center pieces will be three pink and silver ballons and a champagne glass filled with marbles and candy with a bow tied on the neck of the glass. Around the balloons and glass will be silver confettie and little crystal hearts. So cute! Balloons will be floating every were! I will have a smoke machine,laser light show and a bubble machine. The dance room will have a bar that I will decorate with white christmas lights. The background will be covered with black sheets of paper with images of dancing people on them.

ACTIVITIES: Dancing will be one along with having a good time and having a dance contest.

GAMES: Truth or dare,kareoke,soccer(in the back),and my favorite game volleyball(for those who get bored with just dancing) This party will be at a building that has a main room,kitchen,and a bar! My mom is paying $250 to rent the place.

COSTUMES: I am asking all my 100+ guests to be dressed in either hollywood or hip hop themed clothes.I will wear white over the knee heels a mini skirt and tube top. My accessories will be my channel sunglasses, silver hoop earings, black heart shaped necklace, and my silver and pink bangles.

PARTY SNACKS: I am getting a chocolate fountain to dip in strawberries,marshmellows,and grahmcrackers.Candy,fruit,cake,cupcakes,pizza,soda,and pucnh will also be served at my party.

CAKE: My ake is a two teir cake that I m getting at Anns bakery. In between the layers will be champagne glasses filled with silver marbles and a pink ribbon tied across the neck. My cake will be hot pink and silver with sparkles all over it. The candles are really cool because there like those sparklers on the 4th of july! The colors they produce" are pinkgreenand blue. My cake will say "It's your day! Happy B-day Jordie". I picked out everything (with the help of my closest friends!)

FAVORS: The favors are these plastic top hats that I found on google glowsticksboasinflatable elctric guitars and mardigrass beads!(they glow in the dark!) My party is coming closer every second. I hope you like my ideas. Wish me luck!"

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