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Dance Party


Katrina in Peterborough,UK


January 2008



My daughter was turning 13 so we wanted to throw her a big party. Problem was I was ill at the time so we had to have the party at home. We decided we had room to accomodate about 25 guests in our home so invited 30 under the impression that not all turn up. 

We sent disco invitations out about a month before the big day. We also found disco cut outs in strong plastic from Woolworths for a pound or two - an absolute bargain and ideal to hang around the main party room - in our case it was the lounge. There were also matching tablecovers,napkins,centrepieces etc all with the disco theme.

We sectioned off a little area at the bottom of our stairs and pinned one of the disco cut outs up there and printed off clip atr pics from the Internet such as cameras, models and the words, 'Photo Shoot'. The guests would have their photos taken here as they arrived with the birthday girl. They could then take them home as a souvenir and the birthday girl would also have some lovely reminders of her friends at that time. 

The party started at 7pm and after the guests had arrived and had their photos taken, they were able to go into the lounge and kitchen and mingle until the others arrived. We had current pop music fairly loud at this point and a disco ball on in the lounge with the lights dimmed. 

The first organised game we had was to get the guests in a circle and in time to music, pass a balloon round under their necks. If the music stopped on them they had to burst the balloon and inside they would find either a truth or dare written on a paper note. They were things like 'If you had to have 1 dinner date with a teacher which one would it be?' and ' make up an impromptu rap about the person to your right'. This was a good ice breaker. For prizes for this I had bought either sweets and some Nike sweatbands that I got a job lot of from Ebay which went down amazingly well! 

After some dancing time we had another game which had different celebrites faces cut out and put in an envelope (I per envelope) and 1 person had to come to the front and 'be' that celeb while people asked them questions to guess who they were. They could answer yes or no only. Again there were the same sorts of prizes for that.  After a little more time dancing it was food time. I had just done some traditional party food.

We had a cake in the shape of a record disc that I had made myself.  After a final spot of dancing and a quick performance by some guests who had made up their own dance to one of the songs it was Award Time. I had found 6 plastic trophies on Ebay and made up an award for each such as;  - Most entertaining guest - Most fanciable guest - Most fashionable boy - Most fashionable girl - Best hairstyle on a boy - Best hairstyle on a girl  Each of these had a certificate to accompany them and winners could take these all home. My daughter chose 2 of her friends to judge these categories with her but they were of course immune from the votes! 

As the party ended (after about 3 hours) we put the lights on but kept the music going as guests were leaving. Guests took home a slice of Birthday cake and their photo of them with the birthday girl.  My daughter had many comments after this party about how much her friends had enjoyed it.  We held the party from 7pm till 10pm.

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