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Dance Party -13yr- Pink & White




Dance Party


Terai in Nona,Florida,USA


December 2007



Hey,I'll be turning 13 next year of september,and my mom is bugging me about planning.

So lets start with my invitations.We will be buying blank CD's from Best Buy and me and my daddy(my daddy says I have no budget for my party) will take them to Office Depot to put decorations(my picture,hearts,flowers,etc.)on it.Next step,is that we have to mail them to my friends and since the party is on 9/27/08 we have to start mailing on 9/10/08(TIP:start mailing ahead of time),that CD will have all the party information like location,date,time,etc.

Next, Decorations!  Since the theme of my party is Pink and White the decorations are basically pink and white garland,pink and white silk,pink and white balloons,EVERYTHING pink and white!Then,the food!

The food will all come from Publix.The hot wing platter,finger sandwitch platter,fruit tray,vegetable tray,pink and white M&M's,Lay's chips,and tuna salad with ritz crackers.

My birthday cake is vanilla inside,buttercream icing,and pink writing that says HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY PRINCESS TERAI!".

Furthermorethere is an ice skating rink called the RDV Sportsplex and in the middle of the building is this party room called the Baseline Conference room that is used for partiesmeetingsetc.The room holds about 100 peoplebut there is only about 70 people coming.

Nextthe DJ! The dj is a very close friend of mineyeh he's 19 and he wants to be a recording artist he charges about $150.

My outfit!  My outfits are coming from Macy's and my outfit is less than $200.

Thenmy daddy is hiring a limo driver and a limo the company I'm getting charges about $50 an hour.Thenthere is tables and chairsmy mommy is renting chairs from her job Which is Johnson's Diner(she owns all of the Johnson's Diners in Florida).

We're getting 3 tables 1 for gifts1 for drinksand 1 for food.Alsoparty favors!my party favors are customixed chocolat bars with my picture on it and me saying my thank-yous to my guestspink and white soft cookies with pink and white sprinklesand a thank-you card.All in  a pink or white bag.

Other is a pink and white bubble machine that my daddy is renting for about $210the pink milk chocolate fondue my daddy is renting for about $100and pink and clear club lighting that my daddy is buying for $150.Alsomy birthday preasent will be a limited addition pink motor dirt bike.

Finally my pampering.The day of my party I'm getting my deep skin cleaning for about $60my nails and toes done for about $50and mt hair done at Prive Salon for about $70.This is the party of my dreams and I hope I gave you some wonderful ideas!"

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