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Night Club Party -13yr- Macarena & Chicken Dance




Dance Party


Julia in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


February 2007



I will be turning 13 in mid-April.  This has been our grade's first year to have school dances, and we LOVE them.  All the kids who have had bar mitzvahs and parties afterwards have had DJs and dancing, with some games too.  I'm going to have my party in the end of May, so that we can stay out a little later and get a weekday rate.  It will go from 7 pm to 11 pm. 

We are going to get the room at our country club, which is free to members.  They have to supply the food though, so we're going to make a special menu that is reminiscent of a nightclub.  We're going to hire a DJ with a lot of cool lighting stuff so we can make the atmosphere as clubbish" as possible.  The DJ company we're looking at can hand out CDs with the night's music as a party favor for a small price.  I don't really want to do games since they get kind of old so it's going to be all dancing.  There's going to be an almost even number of fast and slow songs probably a little bit more fast music though. 

We're going to do the Cha Cha Slide the Macarena the Electric Slide and of course the Chicken Dance.  The slow songs aren't going to be specifically guys' or ladies' choice it's anyone's.  So a girl could ask a guy or vice versa on any given song.  We're going to see if it's possible for the DJs to put their portable dance floor over the whole floor since the room the country club rents is carpeted.  We're going to have a few tables on one side of the room. 

The invitations will be silver and black with a clean looking font (probably Kartika in a size in the 20s with the all caps set which makes it so the letters you capitalize are bigger than the ones you don't but they're all capital form).  I may come up with a cool name for the "club" that is on the invitation like "Club ____ is now open!" but my mom thinks I shouldn't advertise the nightclub theme so much in case some parents have problems with it.  My 23-year-old brother is going to be the bouncer and he's going to have a list of all the people who RSVPed yes to the party. 

He's going to wear a suit with a black tie an ear-piece and dark glasses.  He's going to hold a clipboard and say "You on the list?" to everyone who walks up.  My cousin is in my grade and so I'm going to put a dot next to his name and my other friends' names so my brother can give them a hard time.  Some friends are going to get stars next to their names which means they get the "bouncer escort" inside. 

Some of my friends have crushes on my brother and they'll definitely get the bouncer escort.  Once everyone is there my brother is going to come inside and he can change if he wants to so he can dance with all of us.  The attire will be something along the lines of jeans and a nice shirt or a skirt with leggings (for girls) or jeans and a cool t-shirt or an Abercrombie or American Eagle type button-down shirt.  It's not going to be too fancy because we want to keep a casual atmosphere. 

Since my friend is moving a few days after the party I'm going to make an announcement and play a song in her honor.  I hope this is the party that everyone can't stop talking about!"

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