Dance Disco Party

Night Club Party -13yr- Confetti Machine




Dance Party


Nicole in Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada


February 2007



I am turning 13 and I want to do it special.  I am renting a local hall and inviting about 50 of my friends. 

The hall will be decorated like a special event at a night club.  Lights flashing everywhere,(borrowed from a local center), balloons and confetti held in plastic on the ceiling that will be released during the night, streamers and helium balloons everywhere (on tables and hanging from ceiling) tables set out for groups to sit with snack and matching table cloths on them, ganza on the ceiling and walls to look formal for pictures. 

As each person comes in they will be give a ticket which numbers will be drawn for prizes throughout the night.  The hall has a music system so a adult will play the DJ and take requests. 

Food will be hot dogs and hamburgers with toppings of all kinds (chili, cheese, onions, etc), with the usual chips, candy, cheeses, etc. 

A list of Virgin drinks will be posted for people to order throughout the night. 

Invitations will be done in a formal way on card stock to let the guest know this is a special B day, as I am known for having great theme parties.

I am hoping to get someone to come in dressed up like a rock star to set the mood in wild.

The cake will be large and have a picture of me on it with music symbols all over it. 

You will need people to help that are fun and will help set the mood.  A crazy person for the bar tender will have everyone cracking up.

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