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Dance Party -15yr- Pink & Black Décor




Dance Party


Maria in Rice , Texas USA


December 2006



My daughter will be celebrating her 15th birthday on January 6, 2007.  We have been planning for this day for 6-8 months. We wanted to make this party different than any other  we've been to.

The evening will begin with a limo picking her and 14 of her friends (7girls,7boys) at our house.  From there the limo will take them to the hall where her party will take place.

We have chosen pink and black for her colors. Her dress is light pink and the girls that will accompany her are wearing black evening dresses(each dress will be different) and the guys will be wearing black tuxedos.  The hall will be decorated in black and pink as well.

The dance floor will be decorated with 4 pillars, one on each corner made of pink and black balloons, We will hang pink and black tull with Christmas lights wrapped around from the center of the dance floor where there is a chandalier going the each pillar. 

The tables will be decorated to look like gift boxes, with a big bow in the center, and candles on each side.I made the candles myself, using shot glasses that I put pink and black fringe around them then put candles inside. I also decorated the glasses that we will use to make a special toast, they too have black and pink fringe on them, they also have the initials of her 14 friends.

Her cake will look like gift boxes stacked on each other.

At the entrance I'm setting up a table with different pictures of my daughter thru the years, all in silver frames. I've also bought letters to spell out my daughters name to put on that table. There will be a desert table with 2 chocolate fountains. I hope we can find strawberry's in January, if not then we will use marshmallows and pretzels. 

The evening will begin with a mariachi playing while our guests eat dinner. My sonis a DJ so he will be in charge of music. After dinner the dance will begin with a special father/daughter dance. Following that, my daughter and her friends will perform a salsa/hip-hop dance. Sometime during the night we will present her with 15 small but special gifts.

My daughter will present her 14 special friends with a gift bag of goodies, in appreciation of there time spent practicing for this day.

We are expecting 250-300 guests, it will be a night to remember .

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