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Teen Disco Party -13yr- Party Poppers




Dance Party


Emily in Northumberland, England


October 2006



TeEn DiScO!!!: For my 13th party I wanted something special. I decided to have a disco in our vilage hall.

I invited 35 people, but since it was the school holidays, only about 20 came. I suggest you invite no less than 35, even more if it's in the holidays. I invited boys and girls, plus a friend each for my brother and sister.

We had the disco in one room and food in the other. In the food room, we put up fairy lights and had 4 tables for food. We hired a DJ in the disco room, this is where most people stayed for a lot of the time.

The DJ played things like the Locomotion and chacha slide to get people dancing, but we didn't play tooo many games as some teens see them as kiddy and don't want to play.

After an hour, we all went and had food. We had lots of things, like pizza slices,chips n dips, breadsticks, pretzels, m&ms, chocolate dipped stawberries, pinapple and cheese, marshmallows….the list is endless! We had tons left over.

Also, we used a kitchen hatch in the food room to serve drinks from, like a bar. My brother and sister helped by serving plates of garlic bread and pizza.

Then we had cake, but since so many people had eaten so much, there wasn’t much room left for birthday cake! 

For decorations, we had lots of balloons, which can be fun, and streamers and lights etc. We put out party poppers, and we all pulled them at the same time which was cool.

At the end the DJ didn't play a slowdance which disappointed some people, so If you have girls and boys at your party, I suggest you do play one.

A lot of people danced, and even though there weren't loads of people, we still all had a really fun time! It was a right laugh and I loved it! The party costs around 120, which is like $250 in the US. This meant that I didn't get a HUGE bday pressie, seeing as parents aren't made of money, but It was well worth it! HAVE A KWL BDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LuV eMz XoxoXoxoX

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