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Dance Party -13yr- Bubble Machine




Dance Party


Milly in Newcastle, England, the UK


September 2006



Hiya i'm Milly and for my 13th i'm having a dance party in our village Hall! I'm inviting 15-17 of my friends and my sister, who's about 2 years younger can invite a friend to keep her company at the party. 

INVITES: I'm gonna make them on the computer using Publisher (some people call it FrontPage) I think they'll be pink (cos there are no boys coming, so that's ok!) 

DECORATIONS: I might get a disco ball for the ceiling cos they look really cool in the dark, and i'm also putting blinking fairy lights around the ceiling cos I think it will look SOOOO pretty with all the lights out. Instead of the usual fog machine I mighht see if anyone has a bubble machine I can borrow for the party. 

PARTY: The hall has two rooms. (Renting the hall costs about $25 or $50 for anyone who lives in the USA) One room will be dark, have all the decorartions and stuff but no lights switched on. We're hiring a DJ who'll be in this room.

The other room will have all the snacks out on tables and a 'bar' which is a kitchen hatch really. I might also have room for people to sit and chat etc. like on inflatable sofas or something. I could even bring my lava lamop along for that bit!

ACTIVITIES: An idea is to play the nail polish game, which is like pass the parcel but with nail polish. When it lands on you you paint one nail, and the aim is to be the forst to have all your nails done. I will also have a dance compotition. 

The party is from 6.30 till 8.30 but 5 close friends are sleeping over at my house after.  


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