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Dance Party


Elle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


August 2006


Honorable Mention

I am going to turn 13 pretty soon.  I have a twin brother, we both have decided on a dance party.  We are hiring a DJ to come for the day. 

We will send out the invitations ahead of time. We will take blank cds (only about one dollar each) and record the information of the party onto the cds.  Then we will decorate with permanent markers the outside of the cds. Writing "IT’S A PARTY" with little hearts, stars, smiley faces, etc.  Then we will put them in a case and then give to all of our friends (Deliver to there houses so they don’t lose them) This would be something to remember the party from. 

We will get lots of different snacks.  Mainly lots of bags of chips and junkfood snacks. I recommend that you don’t get anything with peanuts in.  Lots of people have peanut allergies and its always safer to buy foods without peanut products in.  We also will have some pizza for dinner.  Since we are having a dancing party we will put enough food out, but not too much.  If you put out too much food then most of the guests spend there whole time at the snack table. We also will go to the party store ahead of time and buy some streamers, which we would put all over my front yard and in my house.

Also we will buy a pinata if it fits into our budget.  On the day of the party my friends will all arrive at my house around 5:30.  In my front yard there will be a huge banner hanging from my front porch/balcony saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  and after the party I would have all of my friends sign the banner so I have something to remember the party from.  When they walk inside my house there would be a table for gifts.  Then there will be arrows indicating my friends to my backyard (incase they havent been to my house before)  then once you get into my pretty big backyard. 

The first thing they probablly will notice is how I am going to blow up balloons and put them in my inground pool for decorations.  (We will not be swimming in the pool.) Also in the backyard there will be the snacks and pizzas.  Along with the DJ.  We will dance for a while, then we will do a few karaokee's.  We also will have a dance contest that my DJ hosts. The winner gets a small prize (A large 20 ounce bottle of soda and some candy) Teens/Kids of all ages love that prize! 

We will have another contest this is a family game that I play during family reunions.  Everyone puts there arms behind there back and has a paper or soft foam plate in front of them on the plate there is some whipped cream.  Inside the whipped cream is a piece of bazooka bubble gum.  Without using your hands when the judge (The DJ, or my mom) says GO we all start eating through the whipped cream with only your face trying to find the bubble gum.  Once you have found the gum you try to blow a bubble the fastest.  Again whoever does this first and wins, gets some candy and a big soda bottle. 

We will continue dancing.  Then we will eat cake and sing happy birthday on the microphone.  After we finish cake we will dance more.  We also will take turns calling people up and playing TRUTH OR DARE in front of about the 40 people we will be inviting.  You will choose either TRUTH or DARE and everyone in the audience (my friends) will choose a good truth and a good dare for whoevers turn it is.  We wont play that for too long, but it is a fun activity.  We also will do the pinata then,  if we purchase one. 

There will be board games such as Twister on the side if you don’t want to dance.  Twister is always a fun game for everyone, but if you arent into that there will be a deck of cards and board games out to play also!  We might get sparklers to use.  Everyone loves sparklers, the only bad thing is that we would have to be very careful, and my mom probablly would have to watch us while we were using them.  There will also be memory cards to write down memories from that night that you can deposit in a small box. 

Also there will be some disposable cameras around,  you can take pictures on those cameras to capture moments.  On the thankyou cards I will get those cameras developed and if there were any pictures of the people I am sending the cards to, I would attach them in the letter.  This party took lots of planning I hope that it helps you have the party of your dreams!!

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