Dance Disco Party

Dance Party -13yr- CD Invitation




Dance Party


molly in nc...usa


August 2006



This is for a dance party--im turned 13 and had an awesome party.

INVITIONS: I took a blank cd and wrote all the details on it and had a cd case with paper in it that was decorated and had "you're invited to mollys party" on it..

DECORATIONS:I have a really big play room, so I pushed all the furniture out of the way and rolled up the rug.

I had a table on the side of the room with the food on it(drinks downstairs)and I had streamers and balloons all around the room and outside by the front door.

FOOD:I had chips and dip, soda, pizza, cookies, pretzles, cupcakes, candy, and mints(for spin the bottle ;-)

GAMES:we had a dance competition and played twister, truth or dare, spin the bottle, and light as a feather, and a scavenger hunt on my street.

I had a few girls sleep over after the party..we did makeovers and watched movies and such we opened the presents at the sleep over. 

Then we stayed up all night hanging out for breakfast we had bacon eggs waffles and cereal   

hope you have fun if u do this!!

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