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French Dinner Party -13yr- A French Ambience




Cooking and Baking Party


Xanthe in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia


July 2007



I am turning 13 in August and am having a Fancy French Home Dinner Party! Last year i went out to dinner at a real all-you-can-eat buffet and i didn't want to do the same thing again, so i twisted the idea a little bit. It's going to be really Fancy French resturant" and my mum is going to be the honourary chef.

The invitations are going to be typed up on the computer using really fancy french running writing and have a little picture of a french butler on it all made to look like a menu. I'm only allowed to have about 8 people including myself and my brother. There is an equal number of boys and girls invited.

When my guests arrive at the house they will be given a glass of Maison (a brand of non-alcholic grape drink it's sooo yummy) with a little strawberry on the rim of the glass. The room is going to be decorated like a french resturant with table cloths and candle sticks and flowers everywhere.

For music I am going to have a Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra CD playing in the background. There will be lots of little hord'eurves being served until everyone arrives. Then we will all sit at the dining table which will have a candlarbra as a centre piece with sequins sprinkled everywhere.

We will all be given menus and we'll order what we want. There'll be an entree and a main course and for dessert we'll be invited into the kitchen and the chef(mum) will show us how to make cold rock.( I don't know if Cold Rock Ice-creameries are only in Australia but what it is is where you get a really cold marble bench and you pick your fav flavour of ice cream and your fav chocolate or candy or lollies and mash it into the ice cream. it's really good stuff. my fav cold rock mix is Maltesers and White Chocolate flavoured ice cream mashed together. YUM !!!)

After dessert I'll open presents and and either play with my presies or we'll all play Eye Toy. Some of my friends will go home but my besties and I will camp out in the backyard. My birthday's in August and in Australia August is winter so we are all going to freeze! It's going to be so much fun! Hope this inspires your birthday party! :-)"

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