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Cupcake Wars Party -13yr- Show Was on TV




Cooking and Baking Party


Julia in Ohio, USA


January 2012



For my 13th birthday I wanted to have a special party so I decided to go with Cupcake Wars!

INVITES: I bought cupcake shaped invitations online but you can make your own using cardstock. On them I put: Are you ready to bake it to the top at ****’s 13 birthday party? Come celebrate at the cupcake wars competition.  

DÉCOR: My decorations were red and purple streamers that were hung throughout the kitchen.  I put up a sign that read CUPCAKE WARS! as well as many cupcake shaped cutouts.

ACTIVITIES: As the guests arrived they were taken to the living room where Cupcake Wars was on, so they could see how it was done. After every one came, my friends were split into 4 groups of 2 and we went to the kitchen. They were given a season that the cupcakes had to represent, a white cake mix (it was divided up into thirds for each round), a can of frosting, 2 piping bags, ingredients for their theme (exp. fall- gingersnaps, cinnamon, and applesauce), and 2 fondant colors. We baked the cupcakes in the oven using silicone liners after everyone had finished their batter.  

For round one they had to bake a cupcake that was judged on taste and flavor creativity.

For round two, they had to make a different cupcake that was judged on taste AND appearance.

For round three, everyone had to include the secret ingredient- chocolate chips.  

The leftover cupcakes went home in cupcake boxes. After this was all finished, we went to my movie theater room (projector) and watched a movie. I didn’t open presents though because I had asked my friends to buy something for Providence House, which is a place where abused and neglected children go while their parents, receive help.

GAMES: For games we played Just Dance in teams of two and the winner got a prize.

SNACKS: Pretzels, Panera, and drinks.

CAKE: Cake was served later at night. It was a strawberry cake with whipped icing decorated with strawberries.

FAVORS: we gave the guests the favors when they left which was cupcake lip gloss, nail polish, a candy bar, and bath and body mini lotion. It was a great party that I will always remember!!!

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