Casino Party

Casino Night Party -14yr- Queen of Hearts Cake




Casino Party


Sydney in Pittsburgh, Pa, US


August 2010



For my 14th birthday, I wanted to do something my friends, between 14-16, could enjoy, as well as family and family-friends who are adults. So I chose a casino party without alcohol. It will be in my Grandmas finished basement and connecting garage.

INVITATIONS- will be single sheets of red paper with cards and dice on them that say WELCOME TO VEGAS PA!" and tell the party details. 

DECORATIONS-  In the stair landing I am going to put up a white table cloth on the wall with a banner that says "Welcome to VEGAS PA!" and confetti on the table cloth. We will take pictures in front of that. I will make a green piece of paper that looks like a dollar that you can put your face in. I will also make dice and cards to use as props. I am going to have my Pap and uncle build me 3 foot by 3 foot dice to sit on and put by the door way. Im going to decorate in red and black and have balloons all over. I will also use streamers and dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. 

ACTIVITIES- There will be between 20-30 people. I will give every one 20 chips when they come in. The chips can be traded in for tickets and there is going to be a prize booth in the Connecting garage that you can spend your tickets in. there will be dancing and karaoke in the garage. 

GAMES- I will have a Poker Blackjack and Yahtzee table. I am going to have my uncle build me a Roulette and wheel of fortune wheel. The W.O.F. wheel will have things such as: "One prize!" "1-7 Chips!" and "1-5 tickets!" There will also be 2 "Nothing" spaces. I will have one table where you can play games like Trivial Pursuit and Othello. I will set the wii up so you can play "Deal or no Deal" or "The Price is Right." im offering anyone 13 or over who knows how to shuffle and deal cards 3 chips to deal a round of poker or blackjack.

I will also have games for little kids in a small playroom off to the side with someone watching them such as card games and board games.  We will play games from 7-9 P.M. then eat Cake and Ice Cream and Open presents. After that is over we will play games until 12 A.M. 

COSTUMES-I am Asking everyone to dress in Vegas costumes. Im wearing a zebra cocktail dress and silver heels. I will have my mom grandparents and best friend who will be dealers or work the food most of the time dress in cocktail dresses and tuxedoes. I will have some extra cards and dice for people who want to start their own games.

PARTY SNACKS-Since there's a full-sized fridge in the basement we'll use that to store food. Near the fridge im going to put the snacks such as chips pretzels popcorn chicken a sandwich ring popcorn and cheese and crackers.  I'll put out pop tea and water to drink. There will also be popsicles in the fridge.

CAKE-the cake will be a Queen of hearts card and instead of the queens face there will be a picture of me that you can get put on cakes. 

FAVORS- Everyone will get to take home any prize they won as well as a Mini deck of cards. "

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