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Casino Party


Sophia in Singapore, Singapore


November 2008



Okay so for my 14th birthday earlier this year I had a James Bond themed party. I haven't seen all the movies but I really love the whole idea, especially in Casino Royale. 

INVITATIONS:  I found a box of playing cards with a nice pattern on the back, which was suited for the Casino theme. I then printed out mini invites to stick on the side with suits on them. With all the regular info. Then under dress code it said 'Come as someone from: [title of a bond movie here] which was pretty neutral because it meant you could get totally into it or just wear a dress and say you were a bond girl, or jacket and say you were James Bond. 

LOCATION: I'm part of an expat community so we're spread all over the island. So I ended up just choosing my house as the location. We have a very big downstairs so it worked well. 

DECORATIONS: I strung up fairy lights in the trees and had dangling streamers of the suits from cards strung up separating the dance floor from the casino. I had three tables with food, outside, where the dancing was and where the sofa's were. 

ACTIVITIES: It was mainly dancing and mingling, and then I have an elevated bit in my living room where the dining table is so that became the casino. The casino 'opened' 3 times during the evening. My dad was in charge and we had a mini roulette wheel, crabs mat and a pack of cards to play black jack with. The prizes where mini bags of candy.

Not everyone had to play but it was lots of fun. Then the speakers were playing all night with a mix of some james bond songs and my own play list. At the end of the night there was a final game of roulette where everyone picked a number and the winner got a big box of chocolate.  

PARTY SNACKS: I had bowls of multi coloured gummy candy and a really tall jar with marshmellows that looked awesome. For drinks there was a cooler with canned drinks, a pitcher of water. And then lots of plastic martini and wine glasses filled with sparkling apple cordial which looked really good. At different points we brought out pizza and there was always chips and pretzels and stuff. 

CAKE: I didn't have a set cake but rather had a woman we know decorate lots of cupcakes to look like a pack of cards. We used an old fashioned tea stand to display them on. When the cake came out there were loads of sparklers in it.   All in all it was a great party and everyone enjoyed it :) I hope this helps you to plan your party!

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