Casino Party

Casino Party -16- Raffle for Winners




Casino Party


Anna in Coppell, Tx USA


July 2001



My sister and her friend went in together for their sweet 16.  It was a Casino Theme. 

We rented Slot machines and black Jack and craps tables.  The adults dressed up as dealers. 

When they got there, everyone received one ticket worth $1000 to cash in for chips. 

About half way through the night, someone went around and handed out another ticket to everyone.  They played all night and at the end they turned in their chips and received a ticket for every $1000. 

There was a row of various gifts such as gift certificates, tickets to sports events, and other prizes the kids would enjoy. 

You could put your tickets in a drawing for whatever prize you wanted, and they raffled off all of the prizes.  It was great and everyone loved it. 

They also had swimming and movies going on to take a break of poker.  They had a blast.

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