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Roughing It Party -13yr- Troop Beverly Hills




Camping Party


Finley in Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A.


August 2008



Invitation: I found a picture of a tent and put that at the top with the words Are You Ready To Rough It? going across.  I then put the date time and place underneath the picture.  I told guests to bring pj's jeans a fancy dress a t-shirt and an outfit for the next day along with toiletries. 

Decorations: We set up a camping tent and a shade tent in my back yard.  We covered the bottom of the camp tent with mattresses and then threw in tons of pillows and blankets.  From the ceiling we hung gold streamers.  In the shade tent we set up two tables one for eating and one for supplies.  The supplies table had a white tablecloth and was pushed to the corner. 

The eating table had a striped tablecloth and candles on it.  We decorated the entrance to the shade with purple fringe and hung sparkly spirals from the ceiling.  We put streamers going across the walls and star lights on the ceiling.  Around the outside of the shade shade we had tiki torches (these helped keep the bugs away).   

Activities: Right when guests arrived we went on a geo-cache (a scavenger hunt using a G.P.S. navigator).  My dad and sisters set this up before the party.  We walked about a mile and a half total and came back with fake animal noses mini recorders and puzzles. 

After dinner we put on glow in the dark leis and bracelets and then had a silly string fight.  We then watched the movie "Troop Beverly Hills" and old episodes of "Man Vs. Wild".   

Games:  In the morning after breakfast we played Apples to Apples but most of the time we just entertained each other by being silly.   

Costumes: Guests arrived in their dresses but then immediately changed in to jeans for the geo-cache.  For dinner we changed back in to our dresses.   

Party Snacks: Because we were "roughing it" we had to cook our own dinner.  We had Raclette a meal that consists of grilled vegetables meat and bread and cheese.  To make this you have to have a raclette stove.  This goes in the center of the table.  You cook the meat and vegetables on top and melt cheese to pour over bread on the bottom.  For drinks we had sparkling grape and apple cider.  For breakfast we had berry crepes with smoothies.   

Cake:  Instead of having a cake we had fondue.  We dipped strawberries bananas pound cake and apples into hot chocolate sauce.  

Favors:  My guests got the prizes from the geo-cache along with "camping bears" glow in the dark goo a water bottle a flashlight and a mini compass/ whistle/ light.  I put all of this in a fancy bag and left one at each person's spot at breakfast.    Overall I had an amazing time and I think my friends did too! "

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