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Camping Party


Amy in Cranbrook, British Coloubia, Canada


June 2005


Honorable Mention

Well I am having a campout party in my backyard, it won't be for a Birthday just a End Of The School Year Party!

The Invatatons are light brown shaped like a tent with a little triangle for the door. On the cover it says Come To Camp __________(your lastname) To Sleep Under The stars. You open up the invatation and it says To _______ Come To Camp ___________(your lastname) On (date) at (time) At (your address) Bring Sleepingbag, pillow,flashlight, warm clothes+pj's, bathing suit and Scary Stories Make sure you are ready to sleep in a tent under the stars! I hand them out to about 5 of my friends so that there is six altogether.

When the guests start ariving at the Check In my brother will hand them out a necklace with their name on a scrap peice of paper that is either yellow or green which is our group. Then he will tell them to put all their stuff in our 8 man tent. Once all of the guests arrive, they go to the picnic table where we set up some glitter and stickers and glue and construction paper. There we will decorate our nametags.

After we are finished we will have a hulahooping contest whoever wins gets a prize (I don't even know what the prizes are!)

When we are finished that we get to go roast our hotdogs on the fire!

By the time we're done it will be about 8:00 and my big brother passes out one scavender hunt list to the yellow group and the green group, then we get to go in the woods behind my house and do a scavender hunt! On the paper it says things like Find a Heart Shaped Rock and stuff that is accually hard!! Whichever team gets to my house first WINS!!!!!

When we get back up we will make s'mores for a while and sing songs like She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain. When that's finished it will be around 9:45 and it will start to get dark. Then my dad will take us down into the woods and we'll play capture the flag (the flags are green and yellow) and kick the can!

By the time we come back to my house we will be pooped from all the running and my mom will pass out glow in the dark necklacecs and braclets and flshlights. It will be 10:30 and we will have to set up our beds in the tent but we can still play outside.

Guess what we'll play? You guessed it FLASHLIGHT TAG!!! My mom and dad and brother will be going to bed SCORE!!! So we will be unsupervized playing flshlight tag where someone is it with the flashlight and they get to shine the flashlight somewhere and the other people have to try and touch the flashlight whoever touches the light first gets to be it.

Then we will play another kind where someone is it and they try and shine the flashlight on someone and whoever gets the light shined on them first is it! We have this glow in the dark frog and we will play hot potato with it! Then sshhh we will go into the woods but whoever is chicken has to stay in the tent or by the fire!

Once we come up it will be around i don't know 11:30 and we will go in the tent and play truth or dare! Some dares will be like go knock on my parents window and pick a friend to go into the woods with for about 20 seconds! I really really want my dad or brother to come out and try and scare us while we're playing truth or dare or trying to get to sleep! In the morning my daddy will wake us up to breakfast in bed!

The breakfast will be pancakes!!!! Well the reasion the invatation says "Bring Bathing Suit" is because I have a pool in my backyard and in the morning we will have nothing better to do than swim in it! When the moms start arriving I will hand out the "Goodie Bags" Which we will call Dirtie Bags! The Dirtie Bags will havae stuff like the mini flashlights and some froggie stickers and some candie like frogs and sour worms and stuff It will be a great party! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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