Black Light Neon Glow Party

Blacklight Dance Party -13yr- Glow Markers




Blacklight Neon Disco Party


Katie in Seal Beach, California, United States


September 2007



Hey, I'm Katie and for my thirteenth birthday party I'm going to have a hilighter/ blacklight/ dance party.

My mom reserved the recreation center at a local park and we're going to change the regular lights to blacklights.

We're going to mail out neon invitations and tell everyone to wear neon or white clothes.

I thought the fact that hilighters glow in the black light was so cool that I wanted to do that for my birthday. You can draw on yourself with the hilighter and go into the black light and it will glow!

I'm also having my mom's friend's son's band play at my party. We're going to play games like house on fire" and have contests.

There will be prizes for the winners. Since it's a boy/girl party just like a typical middle school dance.

We're going to have a dance contest and the winner will receive a cool prize.

It's going to be lots of fun and I hope it turns out to be one of my best parties ever!

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