Black Light Neon Glow Party

Dance Party -14yr- Hand & Foot Prints Floor




Blacklight Neon Disco Party


Sandi in Denver, Colorado USA


November 2006



Hey I'm Sandi, and I'm celebrating my 14th birthday tommorrow. I'm gonna have a dance themed party and its going to be really fun. I invited 60 of my favorite friends. The party's gonna be from 7:30-10:30. I made a party playlist on my iPod so that i can play nonstop music. I moved the couches in my basement so that there can be a little lounging area.

I am also going to Party America to buy black plastic mats to lay down for the dance floor. Ahead of time, me and my friends are going to buy glow in the dark paint and dip our feet and hands in it and make hand prints and foot prints on the dance floor. It is all going to be under black lights, which I mentioned on the invitations.

I am going to have a fog machine and a strobe light tomake cool effects. Also, about half way through the party I am going to give everybody about 2 feet of toilet paper. They are going to be asked to put in on there body in the most creative way. About 6 of the most creative ones will be nominated to be  in the fashion show. They're going to walk down, and show how they did. Then the audience will vote by cheering on which one they liked best. The top 3 will win prizes like a free movie and such.

Since my friends are a little crazy I'm only going to have candy and water, so that nobody makes a mess. If the party gets kind of dull for the people that don’t wanna dance, I'm gonna bring out my game of twister which can be made really fun with vaseline on it. Wish me luck! I hope nothing goes wrong!

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