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Niara in State College, PA


March 2009



My daughter is turning 13 years old and has 15 BFF's.  We decided to do a Top Diva Party with a sleepover... Like ANTM but no eliminations.   

INVITATION  a basic computer generated card that said NIARA MAIL  On the inside basic info, where, when, what plastered with the real ANTM faces and very colorful graphics we'll have three challenges - Judges Q & A, Cover Girl commercials and Runway show.  We'll have each of the girls bring their own make-up and hair supplies, plus three outfits, one casual fun, one jeans and a tank top and one runway dress.   

DECORATIONS/COSTUMES  In the front yard, my daughter and I made a HOLLYWOOD sign of cardboard..we spray painted it white and used silver glitter we will place this in the front yard with some balloons!  Inside, we made the room off of the basement our DIVA DRESSING ROOM we made glittered stars that will hang from the ceiling, with streamers everywhere, thanks to my daughters younger sister.  We made a lounge area..with some couches and lined up an old computer desk and another table for a long make-up station..with lip glosses, eye shadow and fake nails from the dollar store. 

More glitter and poster board for the signage..DIVA DRESSING ROOM, MAKE-UP STATION etc.   We ripped pages out of the fashion magazines and frames them with paperboard and used them all over the walls of my house like a gallery! My daughter and I hit Goodwill and Plato's Closet and bought several totally over-the-top glitzy dresses and high-heeled shoes for the dressing room that the girls may also use, if they wish.   

ACTIVITIES - once the girls arrive they can mingle and hit the finger foods, then get the rules and events The Judges my daughter recruited a few of her friends mothers to help me judge.   1st will be Judges questions, 15 girls 5 girls per judge..they get questioned one at a time, while the others head down to the Diva Dressing Room Judges questions - This is your first visit to Top Diva, how do you feel about making it to the finals? Are you nervous about doing your first Cover Girl commercial? If you could change one thing in this world what would it be? Who is your favorite actor? Who is your favorite actress? Who is your favorite singer? Judges take notes and deliberate to determine who gave the best answer. 

Second challenge, girls get 10 minutes to return to the dressing room and get DIVA-Licious (RUNWAY TIME!!!)  . Lastly, the girls change to their jeans and tank top outfits and we'll have a drawing to separate the 15 girls into 5 groups of 3. then they will be given their skit for the commercial (I got the wording from the CG website).  Each group will have 20 minutes to design a Commercial and then come and present it!! 

FINALLY we will have the trophy ceremony.then all the ladies can make sundaes from the sundae bar and watch movies  

SNACKS/CAKE- in addition to finger foods and pizza, my daughter will have a Sundae bar and a cupcake tree adorned with little lipsticks and nail polishes from Wal-Mart bakery.  We have a white chocolate fountain with marshmallows and strawberries! We purchased plastic champagne glasses and will do a ginger ale/fruit punch mix in my punch bowl.   

PRIZES/FAVORS  we were able to get mini-trophies from the dollar store and using address labels, used clipart pictures and made little signs like Best Smile, Best Hair, Best Interview, Best Runway Walk etc (in total 15 trophies) I purchased 3/ $1 mini gift bags and put journals from the clearance rack at Michael's, in the bags with a little keychain, a pen, candy and maybe lip gloss we will give each Judge/Mom a $5 gift card from the local gas station as a thank you!

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