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Alice In Wonderland -15yr- Playing Card Invite





Alice in Wonderland Party


Radhika in Buckinghamshire - England


May 2010



Last year, for my 15th birthday I had an Alice in Wonderland theme. 

INVITATIONS I made the invitations by buying a pack of giant playing cards and sticking then information on the side without the picture on. It said 'Dear ____, You are invited to a Mad Hatters Tea Party, The Garden (and then my address) and at the bottom I wrote 'Don't be late for a very important date!'. Already, everybody was so excited for the party.  

DECORATIONS My birthday is in May and the weather is generally good so I had the party outdoors. We had laid mismatching blankets and mats out for people to sit on. On the other side of my garden there is a jungle gym so we put slabs of stone out and wrote a sign saying 'Hop like the white rabbitt!'. The tables had bright tablecloths and mismatching cutlery with lots of teapots everywhere.

I also made signs pointing in different directions saying 'This Way'. I hung floating teeth and eyes in the trees like the Cheshire Cat and there was a shisha out for the Caterpillar. We have some statues outside of flamingoes and dogs so I tied a purple bow on these so they looked like part of the d├ęcor.  

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES When guests arrived, I gave them all a name sticker but the letters were all mixed up like the Mad Hatter would do. There was no specific form of entertainment, everybody just sat outside and on the jungle gym. I had brought a croquet set but everybody was enjoying themelves relaxing in the rare English sun! 

COSTUMES I dedcided not to have costumes for the party so that everyone could be comforatble in their own clothes. Everyone wore their own summery clothes.  

PARTY SNACKS  For food, we had jam sandwiches which were cut into heart shapes (and a few cheese for those who don’t like jam!). There were also jammy dodgers as they have a heart shape. My dad brought some edible flowers which everyone found very exciting. We also had jelly in mismatching cups and lots of fruit and ice cream! I also had lots of french fancies and fun little cakes which had 'EAT ME' tags and the cups all said 'DRINK ME'. I had plenty of juice and fizzy drinks to drink.   CAKE I had two classic caterpillar cakes for the party. 

FAVOURS When everyone left, I gave them a red rose to take home with them. There was also the typical favours like bubbles, nail varnish and cake.   Everyone had a really good time and people still talk about it a year later! I hope this was helpful for anyone planning a party because this website helped me a lot!

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